As a multidisciplinary group, we provide our clients with a one-stop-shop setting, where the branding process takes place in its entirety, from the research and strategy phase, all the way to long-term implementation of the brand language into the corporation. When we say “Under One Roof”, we mean it.

Brand Research and Strategy

Devising a strategic and comprehensive plan for a brand, based on the defined positioning goals

Corporate Identity

Creating an exceptional and consistent look and feel, through logotypes, symbols & corporate tone of voice


Establishing an effective point-of-sale environment, including environmental design, collateral materials, displays & merchandizing

Brand Expression

Expressing the brand values, personality and relationships by using forms, shapes colors and emotions


Structural and graphic design for packaging to best express the brand values, setting it apart from others

Interactive Media

Creating and maintaining continuous relationships with the brand partners through the use of updated and constantly changing technologies

Brand Identity

Creating a unique and coherent look and feel, to be conveyed inwards as well as outwards


Planning and construction of 3D booths for various events and exhibitions


Producing distinctive names (which can also be registered) for the brand and its products/services

New Product Development

Developing new and unique products and services that are consistent with the brand identity


Printed communications regarding the brand and its identity, to be used both internally and externally

Brand Management

Producing practical guidelines, systems and criteria to sustain the consistency & effectiveness of the brand values through all communications and across all media